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Why buy from us?
Our company values integrity and honesty. We have been selling prom tickets for over a decade. All our transactions are 100% secure. For your protection, from the moment you click on an item, all personal information is safe and secure and private. We guarantee that you will not be ripped off.

Alcohol is NOT accessible at any of our events. Anyone intoxicated or are caught with a weapon is immediately ejected from the party and refunds are NOT given. Everyone is searched before being admitted to one of our events.

After Prom parties are not just about PROM DRESSES, PROM HAIR and PROM SHOES, but about you!

There are many other companies and promoters that will sell you tickets to our after prom events or even other events at venues that we do not list. Beware of promoters selling tickets to venues that are closed (ex.CLUB EXIT(2) aka as IKON) or out of business. Some promoters change the name of the venue (to cover up a nightclub’s bad reputation.) Sell fake tickets or even over-charge partygoers. So HIGH SCHOOL students, parents and teachers please be careful. If you would like to verify a promoter or venue please feel free to call us at 718 408 9119.

We hope that we can be your source for After Proms. Think of us in the future when you have nightclub needs/ college parties. We are major players in the New York City nightlife scene and produce events for New Years Eve and promote weekly parties all over the city.

In the end we want to thank you for making us your source for NYC AFTERPROM tickets and more.
Why do we recommend The World, Webster Hall and LQ?
For years has brought you the biggest and most sought after parties in New York City. This year is no different. We at Proms.Tv always stride to pick the best parties. Trust us, you won’t regret it.
What if I don't have a credit card?
Do not want to use your credit card? Maybe you don't have one? Want to save on credit card fees? Maybe you cannot make it to our offices. Proms.Tv will personally have a messenger deliver tickets to your home or job for a small fee. (24-72 hour notice needed depending on volume.) The driver must be paid in cash; NO checks will be accepted.

$10 if we deliver the tickets to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx
$15 if we deliver to Westchester
$20 if we deliver to Long Island, New Jersey, or Upstate New York
(Please TIP our drivers.)

You must buy a minimum of 6 Prom tickets to use this service.

Please TEXT John our Prom director to arrange this service.

Cell 718.908.9174

Why go to an after prom party? Is it a good after prom idea?
Some reasons why an after prom club party is a better choice than cruises and comedy shows.

1. Our tickets guarantee you admission and with no id check.

2. Party past 4 a.m. (Comedy shows and cruises are a lot shorter.)

3. You have a date; you might want to leave early so that you can get your groove on. You cannot leave if you are in a boat or in the middle of a comedy show

4. Webster Hall, The World and LQ are some of the largest nightclubs in NYC.

5. No need to wear that tacky tux or party dress. Come in your club clothes.

6. We offer the best prices on the net guaranteed.

7. Not having a great date, pick up a new one at the club.

8. Everyone in school will always be talking about how great the club was. (trust us)

9. Every clubs has dark corners ;)

10. We have sold thousands of tickets. You can call us live and ask us questions, plus we have offices and pick up locations in the NYC area.
My prom is tomorrow or today, what do I do?
Proms.Tv offers hand delivery service or you can come to one of our several offices. We can even deliver to you at your actual prom as a total last resort.
Are our tickets real?
All of our Tickets are real. After Prom parties are not just about PROM DRESSES, PROM HAIR and PROM SHOES, but about your After Prom party. Proms.Tv is owned by who has been in the entertainment business for many years. We are a real company which values integrity and honesty.
Where can I pick up tickets?
here and here
I am NOT going to the prom, but would like to go to one of our after prom events, can I?
Our venues will allow you access whether or not you decide to go to your prom. Give us a call or buy tickets online and you will be guaranteed admission.
Is it safe?
Proms.Tv only chooses the best and most reputable nightclubs in New York City. Please be assured that out After Prom Parties are focused on providing you with a safe and memorable time. All students are searched by licensed and bonded security guards. Any Contraband or alcohol will be confiscated and the ticket holder will not be allowed admittance, furthermore students who appear intoxicated will not be granted admittance and their ticket will be forfeited with no refund possible.
Is there alcohol at the after proms?
Alcohol is forbidden in at all of our AFTER PROM party events. Anyone caught with alcoholic beverages or appearing intoxicated will not be allowed into the club and will not be eligible for a refund.
Can I get a discount or sell tickets for you?
Need money for a limo, prom outfit, or hotel room? Make some extra cash by selling tickets for us. We also offer discounts/free tickets to large groups or to student council members/prom committee members. Call us quickly (before your friends do) so you can be the one to get your free ticket!